Craft&Go WordPress Theme – Setting Up The Main Menu

In order to set up the menu for your website, you’ll have to create a new menu under Appearance -> Menus and set it as the Main Menu. Adjust the settings as shown on the screenshot below:

Craft&Go WordPress Theme – Setting Up The Main Menu

So, for each section you add on your homepage, you need to set up a Custom Menu item and use one of the hash tags listed below as the URL:

  • Homepage (top of the site) – #home
  • About Us Section – #about
  • Team Section – #team
  • News Section – #blog
  • Portfolio Section (Full width scrolling gallery) – #portfolio
  • Services Section – #services
  • Contact Section – #contact
  • Parallax Twitter Section – #twitter

Once you set up the main homepage menu, you need to create a secondary menu that will be used on the single pages such as blog and blog posts.

The steps are pretty much the same as for the main menu, the only difference being the URL you enter.

Instead of using only the hashtag #about, now you’ll use a complete URL like

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