How do I know when a theme update has been released?

Oftentimes, you will get a notification at the top of your WordPress dashboard when the theme you’re using has been updated. If you are using a Themeforest theme, there’s an easy and intuitive way to update the theme. You can install the Envanto Toolkit in your WordPress admin area as a tab on the left, below the Comment tab. From there, you can update the theme automatically just as you would update any plugin. However, if you don’t have the toolkit, then you have to go to the Themeforest website and redownload the updated theme.

Once you have the theme on your local drive, unzip it, and get an FTP uploader. We prefer FileZilla because it is fast, free and easy to use, but any FTP client will do. Using the FTP client, navigate to the wp-content, and then wp-themes directory. Then, drag the theme directory you have just downloaded into the wp-themes directory. Wait a few minutes until all of the files are uploaded. Once the files have been uploaded, navigate to your website and refresh. You may not notice a difference right away, but if the website works, then you have successfully updated your theme. You can also go to your admin panel in WordPress and check the version of the theme.

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